Quality Policies

To exhibit qualitative and purposeful engagement by Saint Joseph Convent School, we would like to announce our quality policies that guide every function and operation of each department in the school. “We aim to be the leader in education by continuously developing the academic quality in order to produce students who perform well in both morally and academic and maintain their “quality of life.”

To follow the above policy, the school aims to; educate every person in the school to realize that “quality” is at the heart of academic administration in the school, to teach the students to be religious and virtuous in order to practice what they have learned in daily life, to support and develop the environments which facilitate teaching and learning as well as the existing desire to learn in order to help the students achieve better grades, to develop our teachers to be qualified and become leading teachers and model teachers who can adjust and develop their lesson plans and techniques for the utmost effective results, apply ISO 9001: 2000 to the school administration for effective operation, to provide quality assessment by the school’s auditors in order to guarantee that ISO 9001: 2000 still effectively works, and to satisfy all the schools’ customers.  

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