Quality Objectives

In order to achieve the quality objectives, the school aims to;

  • encourage every person in the school through meetings and seminars to realize the importance of their cooperation in any school activity for the utmost quality of both the students and school activities.
  • regularly and consecutively organize suitable religious and virtuous retreats for the students.
  • provide a learning environment in the school which includes equipment, materials, and teaching media which truly facilitate the students’ knowledge acquisition and research.
  • provide opportunities for all the school personnel to receive educational training both inside and outside of the school and to observe other organizations to increase their experience.
  • encourage every person in the school to follow ISO 9001: 2000 regulations with continuous assessment and observation.
  • bring the evaluation results into consideration to improve and increase the effectiveness of the administration and the activities.
  • evaluate the satisfaction of every person in the school and bring the evaluation into consideration to be continuously corrected, improved, and developed.
  • The school assigns behavioral quality objectives to each department so that they will match the major quality objectives.  

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