School in Congregation with the Sisters of Saint Paul de Chartres offers quality education according to the potential of the learners in an atmosphere of love and compassion to build a happy society.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive and well-rounded education to develop full potential for excellence, interests and talents. Thus, we offer an academic program structured to ensure physical, emotional, moral and social development alongside the intellectual aspect of education.

Students learn how to live and work correctly and successfully. They acquire communication skills in spoken, written and processed word; performance skills for work at home and school; and interpersonal skills in an interactive world.

We aim to create life-long learners who enjoy learning, while helping them develop the skills they need to meet the demands of their future, whether in Thailand or abroad.

Education of Schools in the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Paul de Chartres


The quality person is one with the virtue and knowledge.
Desirable Characteristics of Students
Loyalty and Gratitude, Regularity, Simplicity, Travail, Be all to all
Self-discipline, Avidity for Learning, Cherishing Thai Identity.

Saint Joseph Convent School pursues the administration in accordance with the educational philosophy of the sisters of St. Paul de Chartres and International standards in an environment encompassing a quality academic atmosphere to cultivate students to acquire a sense of civil virtue and enable them to apply Knowledge for ASEAN community as well as develop the learners on the pathway of the twenty - first century. 

Good Education, Discipline, Kindness
Virtue, Excellent Performance

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