The standard curriculum approved by the Thai Ministry of Education is supplemented by resources and materials from international publications. Aside from the major subjects, Math, English, Science, Physical Education and Thai language, the following subjects are also included in the curriculum; Geography and History, Social Studies, Science Research Association (SRA) Reading Laboratory, Home Economics, Composition, Music, and a wide array of Art activities. Our course books are used together with audio visual and computer-based aids. All coursework except for Thai Language, Thai Dance, (Thai) Social Studies, Girl Guide, (Thai) Math and Science is in English. Students are encouraged to take pride in both content and the presentation of their work and developing self-discipline, self-reliance, appreciation and practice of traditional values in the international environment. Enrichment classes are held to those who have learning difficulties in some subject areas so that they can cope academically.


Academic assessments are sent to parents at the end of every term, twice a year. Students are evaluated both qualitatively and quantitatively in reference to criteria.

In addition, brief reports of current standing and effort that students are making are sent to parents whenever necessary. This may include a mention of measures being taken by the school on cooperation and understanding.

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